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Well good luck in your endeavors and definitely let us see your masterpiece.  Now I'm off to work, because if the cyber-police care one whit about what I'm doing I've already got some 'splaining to do!
I googled "tiered cakes same size" but even that only yielded a couple results.  I'm a self-proclaimed google-ho and usually find anything I want, but so far, even though I know there are more out there, I haven't found that many.  It's becoming a vendetta as the morning wears on......
And, although one look in my gallery would tell you this - I did not make that cake.  I just looked for an example of what I thought you might mean.  It is a very different look.  Post yours when you do one. :)
 Like this?
Use the Texas Sheet Cake icing recipe - you can adjust the powdered sugar to exactly the firmness you want.  I just made minis doing this the other day and everyone thought I had made Fantasy Fudge for the frosting - and this one requires no candy thermometer.  Precious little skill, too, come to think of it. :)
"Seventy times seven" was what Jesus advised in the area of forgiveness.  Whatever your beliefs, it's hard to argue with the Man.  And sometimes, although it seems counterintuitive, especially with today's worldview, if we try to always show grace, no matter what the response, the results are amazing.
I have the opposite prob.  But I think mine is due to the heinous high humidity where I live.  I'll be curious to see the answers you get.
What’s lost in a lot of today’s society is an understanding of intrinsic value. Everything is based on “likes” and “saves” and “thumbs up” and whathaveyou. A person must find what drives and motivates them and build their foundation thusly. The world is a fickle place. People are fickle. And a following on any particular forum is NOT a barometer of anyone’s worth. If you look around enough, no matter what your hair-brained viewpoint is, you can find a following of...
Also fine. I personally love any and all things cream cheese so it really would be fine, too. Like you said, red velvet doesn't have a distinct flavor so it's really fairly neutral ground. And the white chocolate ganache plays well off anything other than French fries.
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