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I looked at your gallery.  You can obviously make cakes at least two tiers that don't fall over - that's a bigee.  I don't see you having any trouble as long as you don't let her get overly ambitious.  The vertical icing technique you used on your 2013 pumpkin cake would make a beautiful wedding cake.  You can also make cupcakes to go with the cake, to keep you from having to make a cake bigger than you are comfortable with.    Just the fact that it's from you will make...
When you find out, let me know.  Been trying to make my boobs look like that for years.
If you drop a teensy bit of violet in your buttercream before you put the blue in, it will take the yellow out.  It completely boggles my little mind.  That said, it's still a song and dance, depending the exact color blue you want.  But you can avoid the green this way, for the most part.
I made mudcake cupcakes a couple of weeks ago.  First time making mud anything.  First, the batter could be spooned over ice cream - it was that heavenly.  And I think everyone who tasted them said they had never had such a completely chocolately chocolate cupcake.  They were fantastic.  I have tried umpteen recipes and added chocolate to every one of them, but never with such great taste results.  They were heavy. They were dense. But when I'm looking for chocolate,...
Indeed! You pulled it off famously! Go you!!
Ugh.  That's the only thing I can think of - I know there are those with royal icing and piping skills, but if I had to tackle that, I'd just sit down and cry.
Do you have a way to turn that into an edible image?
Well good luck in your endeavors and definitely let us see your masterpiece.  Now I'm off to work, because if the cyber-police care one whit about what I'm doing I've already got some 'splaining to do!
I googled "tiered cakes same size" but even that only yielded a couple results.  I'm a self-proclaimed google-ho and usually find anything I want, but so far, even though I know there are more out there, I haven't found that many.  It's becoming a vendetta as the morning wears on......
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