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I have the opposite prob.  But I think mine is due to the heinous high humidity where I live.  I'll be curious to see the answers you get.
What’s lost in a lot of today’s society is an understanding of intrinsic value. Everything is based on “likes” and “saves” and “thumbs up” and whathaveyou. A person must find what drives and motivates them and build their foundation thusly. The world is a fickle place. People are fickle. And a following on any particular forum is NOT a barometer of anyone’s worth. If you look around enough, no matter what your hair-brained viewpoint is, you can find a following of...
Also fine. I personally love any and all things cream cheese so it really would be fine, too. Like you said, red velvet doesn't have a distinct flavor so it's really fairly neutral ground. And the white chocolate ganache plays well off anything other than French fries.
Sounds pretty good to me, although I might go with a plain cream cheese buttercream instead of the strawberry. But, then again, sugar is my favorite flavor so I may not be a suitable benchmark.
lolol.  Sick, Anna! Sick sick sick. (I have three older boys and am familiar with that term)
I bought the Kitchenaid 48" dual fuel about 15 months ago and looooooove it.  I'm just a home baker, and not a particularly great one at that, but it makes me look good.
You will probably get a lot of actual professional-grade advice, but I can tell you one thing that I learned just from home baking. I have tried twice to add brown sugar to my buttercream for a chocolate chip cookie dough cupcake and both times it has been gritty. I just added it straight in the first time, which was like eating a sweet sand castle. :(  I tried melting a bit of the butter and dissolving the brown sugar in it the second time;  was a little better and tasted...
Thank you Liz! That's brilliant. But what will I put on my ice cream.........
Where I live the humidity can kill ya when it comes to consistency.  I've had things never firm up and I've had them be too crumbly (although I've never experienced the little almond knives).  Both failures are great over ice cream. :)
Ooops!  My bad.  And I'm a tech writer by day, so that's really sloppy on my part!
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