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Thanks guys!
I am excited! I entered a cake competition this weekend and won! Its the first time I have won. Is anyone else on here that entered? I took pictures but I don't think I can post others cakes. My daughter entered too and got 2nd in the youth. We had lots of fun hanging out with cake peeps. I don't have a picture yet without people in it so if you want to see it's on my facebook page.
How fun! Congrats!
Grafite paper!
Eggs are fine because they are baked into the cakes. You can't have things where the eggs would be raw.
We rocked it! Loved our cake and everyone watching was disappointed in the results. I am so proud of us!
I would assume royal icing. For anyone else wanting to send anything to troops. I have recently heard that you have to have someone to send it to, a name. You can't just send to "random military person" because of added security.
Yep. Jen Dontz told me she started using a hat pin to poke holes in all sides before decorating. The hole is tiny and usually will be covered anyways and she never has that happen anymore. So I do it too now.
ugh@! I like purple I guess. LOL but a few years ago purple was in.. can't believe it is back already!
These cookies are awesome!! Love them all!
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