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  I was asked if I could make a full sheet cake that looked similar if not the same as a dummy cake like the picture posted. Would like a little input on what price I should charge. Is 2.50 to 3.50 a fair price per serving?
Just found this thread, thanks for the tutorial link.
Whoa o_O.... Well the bow kinda looks similar, kinda sorta. I'm sure there was lots of champagne.
  To low of price for that kind of cake. I made a wedding cake for my son 12,10,8 and 6" all 3 layers each. All with strawberry and cheesecake filling. 2 covered in vanilla fondant and 2 covered in butter cream and white chocolate shavings. Decorations included handmade, airbrushed and hand painted star gazers, hibiscus, fantasy flowers, sea shells and rope border. Of course I did not charge my son but if I was making that cake for someone I would of easily charged $700....
That's funny I had a lady that wanted a 2D Titanic cake along with a LaLoopsy cake and she wanted both cakes for like $50 as well. After my quote she gave me the famous words "I'll have to get back to you" and then proceeded to tell me "believe it or not I make cakes too but I don't have the time".  WHAT?
So glad I read some of this thread, I to have been on that up and down roller coaster of pricing. I get people all the time that want a custom cake for the price of a grocery store's cake. I charge per servings, 3.50 per serving for basic fondant cake, 4.50 - 5.50+ per serving for fondant cakes with more elaborate decorations, my husband says I'm way to cheap and trust me I get that "I'll have to get back to you"often and why does everyone think you can just whip out a...
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