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Please some help...
Hello,I'm Brazilian and I'm looking for Brazilian's cake decorator's to exchange ideas, tips, recipes, and also talk about the business in Brasil..Anyone???Hugs,Patty.
Hi everyone..I'm looking for a mold to make the Lotus flower or if somebody have a tutorial that i can use...I really appreciate any help!ThanksPatty.
Hi..I just bought a silicone bottle mold at Decorate the cake.comThe price is around $50.00 and they look great! Really easy to make your own bottles....I hope this help..Patty.
Hi everyone..I have a cake to make for 90-100 people and I'm planning to bake a 6" 9" 12" round cake... 4-6" highDo you think this is enough?Thank's,Patty.
Hi..I'm looking to buy a Airbrush kit for Cake Decorating and I just want ask if somebody know a good Brand, model..etc.Thank you so much!Paty
Hi Debbie..WOW! Thank you so much for your help...I saw your web site...(Icing Images) and I'm very interested on your recommendation (canon IP3600).I'm new on Cake decoration and my biggest interest buying this is to print photos and etc.Thank's again,Patty.
Hi..I looking to buy a Edible Cake Printer system and I would like some ideas about what work the best, brands and overall prices...I appreciate some ideas...Thank'sPaty
How do I make e really red royal icing??thank's,Paty
Hi,Somebody now how to calculate the second tier of a topsy turvy cake? So the angle is right and the top of the cake is straight.Have such tool for this?Thank'sPaty
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