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Sorry I've not replied sooner, been on hols.Thanks for the nice comments about my cupcakes - I was pleased with my work. The cake stand was from UK ebay - I wouldn't recommend it though to be honest, it's a faff to put together and the seperators break really easily.I've since bought a new one from wedding acrylics with a central pole and it is much better.Claire
(sorry for the double post, is there a character limit?)...I stepped into the marquee to see a barman holding the top tier trying to balance the few cakes that had wire toppers, a waitress on her hands and knees picking up cupcakes off the floor and.... a little boy looking sheepish holding a FOOTBALL!!!I couldn't believe it In ordinary circumstances I'd have burst into tiers but I think the champagne must've steadied my nerves because I quickly removed the damaged...
Hi, this is my first post on this board, though I've been lurking for a while.I'm a baker/cupcaker/favour maker rather than a big cake decorator - I'm in awe of some of the talent on here!Anyway, I thought you might like to hear (read ) my disaster story.....I was asked by my Husband's colleague & friend to create a cupcake tower for their garden wedding a couple of weeks ago.It was a pleasure to create and I was really pleased with the result.We were also invited to the...
I am in the UK so it may be a slightly different product - I use Deco.It definately doesn't work on cream cheese icing which is the thing I use most.
ah right, thanks for the tips.When it happened to me I rang the maufacturer (I print mine myself) and they said it's not suitable for buttercream or cream cheese icing.Will give your methods a try, it will save using fondant! Claire
Hi, I had this happen to me too.I now put a thin layer of fondant under the image.Cx
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