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Thank you Liz.  I figured I needed a hose and compressor but really just don't know what I'm doing.
I received this airbrush gun and have no idea what I would need to purchase to make it work, besides airbrush colors.  Anyone know anything about airbrush systems can help me.  thank you 
Did you ever make the elephant baby shower cake?  If so, what pans did you end up using?  I have an order for that cake next week.  
  8" cakes stacked and carved.  Sugar bottles with eatable images.  Sugar ice.  Bottle caps are real, haven't mastered those.  
  Two 8" cakes covered in fondant.  Tools are made of gumpaste and fondant. 
I've made several of these and used spaghetti for the wires.  I painted them black and let them dry, insert the ends into fondant/gumpaste and have never had a problem.  
Thank you Claire 138, I'll have to check that one out also.  Just afraid I'm going to make the wrong choice.  I guess I want know until I try one.  Live and learn.   :)    
Thank you Lizzybug78, I know nothing about them and have no clue what would be a good one.  I just think one would be nice to have sometimes.  
I was thinking about getting an airbrush machine.  I don't have a clue what to purchase.  Anyone have any advice of what I should or should not buy?  
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