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Thanks for her website. I'll order it through there then. Those extras sound great. It just didn't seem like many pages. I don't have a cake business, but I'm very interested in starting one. I think I'll go ahead and get the book. I'll also have to check out that other small business for dummies book too. Thanks for the info. I'm looking for all of the info I can get.
I saw this book on Amazon "Start A Cake Business Today" by Paula Spencer, and I was just wondering if anyone has read it? I didn't want to buy the book if it wasn't that helpful.
I bought mine from, but I looked and they no longer have it. I believe the Beautiful Cakes book is the same book as Romantic Cakes. The rose cake on the cover is in the Beautiful Cakes book. I looked on and the cover on the paperback version of Romantic cakes is the same as the Beautiful Cakes book.
I was just wondering if anyone has used this Makins Professional Ultimate Clay Extruder for fondant/gumpaste decorations. I bought a cheap pusher kind which is really hard on the hands. I wanted something a little bit easier. I just can't bring myself to pay $45 for the Sugrcraft gun. I see that Hobby Lobby has this gun for $25 and with a 40% off coupon, it would only be $15.
I have the Canon Pixma IP 3000 printer and love it. I bought it off of Newegg for $60, and just gave away the inks that came with it. I buy my inks from PhotoFrost and use the Luck's frosting sheets. I've tried the wafer paper and didn't like that at all. However, they are good for butterflies. Just make sure and keep the inks in a Ziploc bag until ready to use and put them back in the bag after you are done. I just print the images on occasion, and I don't want the...
I'm kind of surprised to see how she could've covered all of that information in 20 minutes. I am a Wilton instructor and the first class lasts almost 2 hours. We go over the first lesson in detail, pass around the 3 different consistencies of icings, and even decorate a cake in front of the class so everybody can see what they will be learning over the next few weeks. I hope the next few weeks will be better. You'll have to keep us posted to let us know what you think...
I forgot one thing. I've been teaching the Wilton courses for over a year now, and I have had quite a few guys in my classes. My first class I taught had a husband and wife team. He was a motorcyle rider who decorated cakes. So I wouldn't worry too much about being the only guy.
I wouldn't worry a bit about being the only guy in the Wilton classes. I took the classes a couple of years ago in order to make a birthday cake for my daughter, and I was the only guy. It didn't bother me at all. I went on to do all three of the courses. They are a GREAT way to learn how to decorate cakes, plus they are VERY affordable. I actually liked it so much that I became a Wilton instructor part-time at Hobby Lobby. If you decide that you do like it, then you...
Here is a link to Country Kitchen SweetArt for the cupcake inserts that you put inside of the cake box. I saw them at ICES this year, but they ran out before I could get one.
At our local Hobby Lobby store in the craft section with the paintbrushes, they have special paintbrushes just to paint plaid. It's like a brush with 2 brushes at the end of it which allows you to paint great plaid stripes. I would just use some gel paste cake icing colors and paint plaid on the fondant. I have the brush & it works great. They have several different types to paint several different plaid designs. Hope this helps.
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