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Thanks so much for the replies! Now to grab the tips and get practicing!
I have a bride wanting this cake in an 8" for a cutting cake. I cannot seem to find a tutorial on it. Can anyone out there give me a tip or direct me towards a how to?thanks!!
$30 for 100 is great! We hardly use decopac so thanks so much for the heads up! We've been paying $50 for 100!
I agree with ganache or having them VERY cold so they are pretty firm.
I made a recent suitcase cake (I THINK it's in my photos) and we charged $220 not delivered. I know sometimes it's nice to know at least in what ballpark to start quoting from! The best of luck!
We use Satin Ice in the shop. I think it does the job really well. there are other fondants out there, but they are quite pricey. Satin Ice takes color pretty good. I recommend buying their colored fondant and them adding the white fondant to get to your desired color. I always buy brown, black, & red if no other colors.
I just lightly dampen the dummy. Fondant does great after that. I used melted chocolate to hold them together. Also, I usually sand the edges just a slight bit with a super high grit sandpaper before I roll the fondant on.
We usually charge $50 per tier. If it's very intricate, I might add to it. But we' haven't had more than floral patterns and simple themes (like peter rabbit).
We love Fat Daddio's in our shop. It's all we use.
I just did a small boba fett helmet cake. I used 2 round 6" cakes and 1 of the smaller half spheres. The picture is one of the more recent ones in my gallery. I never found a tutorial - but it wasn't super hard. Good luck and I'm sure it will turn out GREAT!
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