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I forgot about isomalt, and it seems so easy. Thank you now to figure out the other stuff. lol
Hi Everyone, I want to make a VW GTI Cake for my boyfriend's birthday. I would like the windsheilds and the lights to be glass like is there a way I can achieve that?I ordered some tiny LED likes but I would like them to show the colors of the tail lights (Red and orange). Attached is a cake I found on line. Any help or suggestions I would really appreciate it. Ohhh and I added a pic of his car (well a replica he's too nosy for me to snap pics of his car MEN)Oh tell me...
Ok, i think I'm just going to go for it Thanks
Can a gum paste shoe dry in a day and a half? Making a cake for my friend, but my schedule has been loopy and i would love to put a shoe on top.Thanks for all your adviseOh the shoe im thinking of doing is open toe so it would be just a one strap across with a bow
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