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thx so much! I will check with my grocery store to see if they can offer me any cheaper, if not, I will order from weselllcoffee, thx again!
where I can purchase cupcake boxes? U know, the clear ones, I think they r called "shells"? They hold 6 & 12 cupcakes at a time...I can't find one with a good price. I thought I might be able to find them for under $1 each but so far, no luck. Any help would be appreciated! PS I live in NY.
ok, I got a request for a "confederate flag/abe lincoln" cake with the matching ccs. Yeah, yeah, I know, they were on opposite Now, aside from that, my client ALSO wants to put a pic of the bday girl (who is turning 85) in there somewhere. So, I am making a 9" round with a confederate flag over it. It will be in buttercream. I will do this with an outline of the flag on top. The only options I see are #1) having a sugar print made of her pic, in round, in the...
ty all for ur advice! about to try it!
I read on here somewhere to bang the bottom of the cake pan and then cut thru the batter with a knife. Sometimes it works, sometimes I get even bigger holes in my cake, lol. What is the best way to go about doing this? Thx!
Ok, so, I crumb coated the cake. Now, do I put it in the freezer or let it air dry before continuing to ice it with buttercream again. I thought I saw somewhere or was told to freeze it, I am confused. Thx in advance!
I tried... . Didn't work. Oh well, thk u for the suggestion! Thank God, I was only 6 short, out of 3 doz, so, I should be ok. I'll just decorate the last 6, and the customer should be fine. I'll explain the "humidity effect" and she will prob understand. Thk God, she is a coworker of mine. Thx again!
ty! ok! I will!
the store where I bought them said to put them in the freezer for a few seconds and then roll them off on the side of a table. This has worked for me many times before but, it has been SOOOOOOO humid and rainy for the past I don't know how long, the prints just refuse to unstick! I have 3 doz cupcakes for tomorrow and I only have half of them done, any advice?
my oven is backing my cupcakes horrendously! the tops come out all splotchy looking colors, not nice and golden, some will burn and others don't, in the same tin! aaaaaaargh!! Who can i call to fix this besides ghostbusters?? lol, but crying at the same time...i'm so mad.
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