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Thanks everyone for the support and advice! I plan on heeding it all and stand firm on my price and contact the bride directly.
Hi,I make cakes of all kinds on the side and I've done a few wedding cakes. I'm trying to get better about pricing the cakes so they are reasonable for the customer and so that I actually make a profit from them. I'm a one-woman operation so I think the cost of ingredients is the base factor plus all the work involved from prep through delivery.So here's my dillema: I quoted a bride for a 3 tier wedding cake for 120 guests. I used 6"/10"/14" double layers (128...
Hi,Is there anything that can speed up the drying time of fondant? I needed to make a movie "clap board" you know one of those things they use on the movie set to mark the scene...Anyway since it has to be black I just bought some of Duff's pre-made fondant in black but it's taking forever to dry out and the cake is due tomorrow. I didn't want to mix it with gumpaste since I was afraid it would take away from the blackness. Is there anything I can do to get the fondant...
Thanks! It just occured to me that since I haven't done this before and I'm starting a new venture, I don't even have all the pans so I'd have to buy those! I have to ask the client more questions about what they want. Thanks this was a good staring point! And no matter what it will have to be cheaper than Charm City!
Hi!I've been asked to do a sheet cake with a Pyramid on top that will feed 50 people. I'd like to just make the whole cake a pyramid and get creative, I've been looking at pics on CC.Anyway, can anyone help me with what I should charge? This is a new one for me but I have done shaped/carved cakes before. Any advice would be much appreciated!
Appreciate it! Of course my mixer just burnt out on the fist batch of dough I was making! I'm only semi-pro making cakes etc. and my mother and I make Christmas cookies every year. I think this is the 3rd mixer I've burnt out in 5 years! 1 Kitchen Aid, 2 Sunbeam Mix Masters! Any reccomendations of a pro-version that won't break the bank?
Hi,This may seem like a dumb question but how many cups of Royal Icing do you usually get out of the typical RI recipe (using 4 pound bag of powdered sugar)?I'm making about 800 sugar cookies for a holiday party for kids and I wanted to make batches of RI for them to decorate the cookies themselves. I'm trying to calculate how much I need for my ingredients and I suck at math coversions. Any help?Thanks!!
Hi,I made this cake recipe for a wedding cake and it was great. The cake came out a little thin but moist and good combo of dense/spongy. Can anyone give me tips on how to make great cupcakes with a modified recipe?See link: advice welcome!!!
Thanks for all your help/suggestions!! I just posted pics of the cake. I tried the silver metallic dust diluted with vodka first but it was too thin and transparent to see on top of white fondant.Then I mixed it with vegtable shortening and that did the trick! The weather was very hot and humid while I made the cake even though the kitchen was air conditioned it still made the whole project tricky.I found that at room temperature the shortening and the dust made a...
Hi,What's the best way to paint a design on fondant? I'm doing a wedding cake where the bride wants filigree/scroll work painted on (she showed me an example pic).I know food coloring or anything water-based won't work. I need something that will work with solid colors and metalics. Please help!!Thanks!
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