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Hey there,I was wondering if anyone knew of a recipe similar to the frosting that is sold and used at Sam's Club, the whipped frosting one...I need a whipped cream frosting recipe that holds up well like the sam's one.
I'm make 3 cakes today, so that I can decorate the 3 tier cake tomorrow afternoon. How do I store these cakes so that they'll be fresh for tomorrow?? Do I have to freeze? or just wrap with ceran wrap?
I have to make 2 dozen cupcakes by friday, and I was gonna bake them tonight, but how do I freeze them to have them ready by Thursday night to decorate?
Hey everyone. Does any one have a recommendation for a cookbook for gourmet cupcake recipes?? Thanks!
I want to put some stars on floral wire to come out of the top of the cake. Should I make these stars out of gumpaste or fondant, and to what thickness do I roll it out to? And is floral wire food safe, or at least able to be put into the cake without worries?
Okay, I've had it at countless weddings, and I just don't know what cake it is. It has crushed pineapple bits, pecans, and like a yellow it italian creme cake or some other type?
Hi there CCers,I was wondering if there was a doctored cake mix recipe for Italian Creme Cake? Or, what kind of cake mix do i start off with and what do I add to it?Thanks!!
Hi there,I received the wilton gumpaste flowers kit and I was wondering what kind of wire to use on these flowers? Where can I buy this wire?
Hi there everyone,I am in high school and want to start a Cake Club. Any Ideas??
What do you mean, "you can add Bailey's if you wish"? What is "Baileys"?
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