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ok I really want to make the caramel pecan cake recipe by dandelion,but does not said how many eggs to use, somebody help please.
Felicidades por ti y tu papa!! seguire poniendo a tu papa y ati en mis oraciones amiga.
Hola, pondre a Aracely y a su padre en oracion con mucho gusto.Sabemos que Dios es muy grande y el no nos deja solos, con fe todo se puede.
muchisimas gracias!!! Ya soy seguidora de tu blog!!!! esta preciosa la galleta!!!!
I have the jem cutters in all the sizes and I love them, sooo much easier to make the roses
THANK YOU!!!!! You are great!!!!
Help,please!! cannot find coconut coffee creamer for the coconut mango cake. what can I use instead, need cake for thursday, my honey's bitrthday. I already have all the other ingredients, just missing creamer .
Hi khalstead, I would apreciate it if you email me the chart, My email is (mod edited), when you have time and thanks so much for sharing
katnmouse, that's funny!! I can just imagine the couple doing that
I love mine cricut!!! And yes at first you have to figure alot of stuff out and see what works for you,so if somebody with no cake expierence is using this, then yes they are in for a big surprise.The only thing I did not like were the frosted sheets.
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