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7yyrt, Those marshmallow lego heads are so awesome!!! Thank you for sharing!yvonne123, there are of course the numerous lego brick cakes you can find in the cake central galleries. But if it's HP themed, I'd pick a HP minifig or one of the Lego HP sets for inspiratoin. I like this photo of the three main characters as lego-minifigs. You could make it more 3D or as a detailed sheet...
Add a bottom tier that all your figures can be placed on and add the writing all around the side?
Wow - different twist on golden Below are some of my ides that include 'gold':Pirate cake: gold treasture chest, jewelsGoose sitting on a mound of 24 golden eggs?Golden showerGold medal / sportsRold Gold pretzelsCash 4 GoldGolden ticket from Willy WonkaI hope this helps! Good luck - sounds like a fun cake!
Well... this isn't exactly as you described, but what if there's a baby carriage/stroller that is suped up like a harley? with flames coming out the back? Baby wearing shades.Also... I've saved this idea for flame chocolate-covered sberries. I love them! this helps! Good luck - sounds like a fun cake.
I think a stack of presents is always super festive. I love this one: one could be personalized for the bday girl/boy and you could tie them all together with a theme if you still wanted.I hope this helps! Good luck with your Nov cake. Sounds super fun!
I like this 'diaper' cake using twinkies.
I love the idea of a sushi cake/desserts. I think you have the right idea using green fruit leather, gummy fish, chocolate sprinkles, mini donuts, fresh fruit. I'm trying to post photos for you, but encountering an error... I will see what I can do to get them up here. For now... you can visit my idea photos here: hope this helps!
Haha - thanks, Tesso! Doesn't have anything to do with cake but he sure is cute!And I love your idea for scales - will have to try it!
When I made a snake cake, I baked it in a ring shaped pan. Then cut into different segments and assumbled the pieces so it looked like it was curving back and forth. Then carved down a bit for the tail and head. Super easy and super fun!
I know you posted this 10 days ago, and not sure if you still need any ideas, but below are a few off the top of my head:1) Just like the sand and sea, you are where I want to be.2) Of all the fish in the sea, I found the only one for me!3) Life's a beach! Watch out for crabs.Okay - so that last one probably isn't much help - but I think it's funny!
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