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thank you so much!!!!
Thanks, do you dowel through the the foam?
Does anyone know if these are bought or if they were made? If you can make them does anyone know how?
Is there any way to make an open book cake look good with out the pan?? I ordered it but it back ordered on me and it wont be here in time!!! HELP ME!!!
I have been doing cakes for a while and havent ran into this problem yet but here lately I have been having a problem with my boards staining from the icing. I use foam core and I cover them like four times with wax paper. Has anyone else had this problem? I even thought about using parchment paper instead of wax paper??? I dont know??
I should say also after you put it in the fridge over night it is like a jelly consistency. Well the raspberry one is and it has the same ingredients as the strawberry one.
It is one I got off of is frozen strawberries, lemon juice, water, sugar, and cornstarch. I have made a frozen raspberry one just like this and I have never had to refrigerate after it was on the cake but I have never done a strawberry filling and the recipe didnt say what to do?
I am making a large cake w/a strawberry filling for the first time. If my recipe calls for frozen strawberries that I dissolve into a filling do I have to refrigerate after I put it on the cake??? I don t have the room in my fridge for this extra large cake....
My niece went to a wedding this weekend and the grooms cake was a 2layer chocolate cake and the top was cheesecake. I searched the internet but couldnt find this. Has anyone ever made this or ever heard of a cake like this?!?!? She said it was an AMAZING cake!! So I would love to offer this to my brides!!
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