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Try adding a very small amount of red or even pink to your violet. Try a small batch first. Add more if you need. Hope that helps!
I made a similar cake in my gallery and I used rkt for them. Swiss rolls might not hold up with fondant on them.
I kind of do the same thing. I don't do it for the money but the experience instead. Most of it is not my style of decorating but I'm taking so much else out of it. One day she might retire and I could potentially buy the business and do things differently. She does have great scratch recipes but I would like to get away from some of the grocery store style cakes or those wilton shape pans (hate doing stars).
Thanks everyone! I feel a lot better about it!
I'm mostly a hobby baker, I occasionaly work friday's for a few hours at a local bakery. I also contribute a picture of a cake to a friend's blog once a week just for fun. So this Friday is Remembrance day/Veterans day and I made a tank cake for my nephews a while back and thought to honor the verterans I would post this cake (you can see it in my gallery) for this week's post. Is that distasteful? I thought it was perfect and would honor them but I was left a comment that...
I'm thinking of making a stack of pancakes cake this weekend just for fun. I also started making some fondant figures for my baby's first birthday in a couple of weeks. Plan on making him noah's ark so I need a lot of animals.
First time in the friday night club. I only work every other friday at a local cake shop and today I fondanted one three tier wedding cake, decorated a dozen spider web cupcakes, and 3 other birthday cakes. As well as make some butterflies and flowers for some other wedding cakes.
My sister is planning on doing one this year and she has a list of rules that come with the invite. Like, no chocolate chip cookies, main ingredient must be flour(no unbaked cookies), and they must be homemade. I did one a couple of years ago where we all made a christmas centerpiece as well. It's a lot of fun!
Definetely worth it. I'm new to cake decorating but the few times I have made Swiss meringue it far surpasses the ps buttercream.
I use both. Though I would like to make them all from scratch. I still need to find the perfect recipe. I would like to try all the cake recipes in the scratch bake-offs but sad to say I'm counting calories (trying to lose the baby fat) so I try not to bake too often. I've tryed some of the doctored versions like wasc but it still tastes too boxy for me.
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