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I've been wondering this for a while:If someone designs a cake but the cake is made by someone else, who has the right to say the cake is 'theirs'? The designer or the maker?
I feel sorry that you had to deal with those kinds of people; the kind with no manners and sense of decorum. You handled it well though, so good work.Honestly though, I really like reading these kinds of stories; they're very entertaining if only for the fact that there are some people so obtuse they're actually funny
I baked a batch of dark chocolate rolled sugar cookies (recipe is on this site) yesterday but they were really soft, almost brownie soft. I was afraid of picking them up in case they split apart. In fact, even with the royal icing on and hardened, I'm still afraid they might crack when I pick them up.Can I get thoughts on how to make the cookies crunchier and firmer?
In my country, the former archbishop of the Catholic church was named Cardinal Sin.No, seriously.
Thanks so much! I'll try those out
Hold on, let me try to attach the picture...
I saw this great fondant effect on a cake I saw on The Knot. The fondant looked really shiny. I was wondering how to get that effect. Does anybody have any idea?Thanks.Here's the link BTW:
The brown does not look at all like poo. Don't be too hard on yourself I know what you mean by thank goodness for cake muggles, though. I'm pretty glad my family has NO idea about caking otherwise they'd see all the mistakes I make
I can't seem to access the file either. Could I also get it sent to my email? (mod edited.)Thanks!
I haven't had any experience dealing with paying customers but I thought I'd just put in my two cents It's not only the late date that's disturbing but also the fact that she keeps committing and canceling (or delaying). Not once, but a couple of times. Chances are, she'd do that a couple more times AFTER you transact with her, with her payment nonetheless.Also, it was much too nice of you to wait for her up to 9:30pm. I wouldn't. In general, any work after office hours...
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