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There's a tutorial in the April/May 2004 American Cake Decorating magazine. I used it to create the lilacs on the purple cake in my photos. A word of warning, those two lilacs took forever to make, but I think they looked good in the end. Good luck
Nicholas Lodge has some written instructions which are part of the Ultimate Gumpaste Flower class he teaches. You might call his store to ask if you can purchase them.
Does anyone have a technique to reproduce a pincushion protea flower in sugar? Here's a link of a picture of what I was asked to make
Thanks everyone for your help. I've mainly done fondant cakes and haven't used buttercream for stacked cakes before.
What is the best way to ice the bottom of a buttercream cake that is going to be stacked on top of another cake? If the cake is on a cardboard round, is it better to cut the round to exactly fit the cake and then ice over the edge of the round, or is it better not to trim the excess cardboard and just ice to the edge?
I was wondering how well cakes decorated with moderate to extensive royal icing collars, extension work, etc. travel. Is there a fair amount of breakage?
Thanks so much for your help.
Could someone please tell me how to use a candlestick as a support for the top tier of a stack cake. Similar to the one pictured here except the candlestick I would like to use has a flat bottom. I'm not clear what construction would be best to support the candlestick and the top tier.
Does anyone have any online sources for ordering the cake display stands that are slightly tilted? The only examples I have found are in England and they don't ship to the United States. Thanks in advance.
Whenever I hear stories like this, I think of some of my distant family relatives. On the rare occasions they come to visit, they usually want to have dinner at one of the local restaurants. What follows is a barrage of complaints to the waiters and eventually the managers about the food not being to their liking. The manager will usually credit all or part of the bill. When we are driving home, I get to listen to them laugh about how they got the discount or a free...
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