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Not sure where u were ordering it from, but i get mine from cake supplies 4 u
It was off the market for awhile because they were trying to fix some issues with it. As I had mentioned before, I really liked working with it. Now that it no longer has any of those annoying sugar lumps in it, I love it and it is one of the two fondants that I will use. Hope this helps. I would just recommend trying it, it is a personal preference. I tried fondx and elite since I heard so many people raving about it and I didn't like those.
So I found an amazing Blodgett DFG 200 Double Oven for a fabulous price, which I bought. But now, after many OTHER issues, I am finding out that it doesn't fit under the existing hood in the new place I signed the lease on! I CANNOT BELIEVE IT! I am stressing so much! The fire inspector will not pass me because I don't have 6" extending past the hood. He mentioned something about having the hood extended just over that section. Does anyone know anything...
Thanks or the info. I did not know I would have to go thru FDA. Yikes! Does it sounds scarier than it really is?
For now, national.
Sorry they have been a problem. Does anyone have experience in selling wholesale?
I apologize if this has already been asked, but every time I search on the the forum I end up with errors. Anyway, does anyone do wholesale for their cookies? How do you figure out pricing? What about packaging? Any other info I should be aware of? I appreciate ANY help!!TIA
That would be amazing if anyone could post pics! I am in the middle of trying to set everything up and having more of an issue in regards to how to set up my storage area, what to put up above the triple sink to let stuff dry, etc.Since I am in a kitchen that was previously used as take out, I don't have too much say in where the appliances go
Cupcake sprinkles sell their trays, but to fit 24. Perhaps if you contacted them?
Is this the one you are talking about?
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