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I would love some ideas on how to create a sepia or old world background effect on fondant. Can anyone assist please?
Thanks Sugarflorist; I'll pass that on to my friend who posed the question.
Just wondering whether anyone has used Clare Bowman's Cake Lace in humid weather, if humidity caused problems, and whether you have any hints re using it in humid weather.
Hi. Time has passed since this thread began but I just found it. Have you worked with Clare Bowman's Cake Lace in humid weather? I am wondering whether humidity is a problem and, if so, do you have any hints on coping with it.
I just saw the stunning cake by Branka2008 (Love her work!) in the CC Newsletter of 4th February 2014. Is anyone able to identify the large flower mould she has used over the top tier and to build the dome?
I've been making armatures for some models for a gym cake. They will be stuck into a dummy top tier and won't be edible. I have a girl made with florist wire and alfoil and I've begun covering her with a mixture of fondant and modelling chocolate. Seems to be working OK, although I'm not sure that the coating will harden very much.    My major concern is a piece of gym equipment that I have begun to build from varying combinations of florist wire, sate sticks, strips of...
Brilliant! Such a simple solution. Thank you rexygirl. I have already made a cardboard template that I used to cut out the cake; I just need to draw around it making it a little larger.
I'd like some tips please: tomorrow I am applying fondant to a cake that I have cut out in the shape of a number 2. The fondant will overlap the side edges just a little and then i'm covering the sides in a different colour. How do I cover the top without stretching or tearing around the cutout sections?
You probably don't have access to almond milk either but I have used it successfully with a teaspoon of lemon juice as a dairy-free substitute for buttermilk in cakes. (Quantity  of almond milk isn't important; you just don't need much lemon juice.)
Sorry if I'm too late to comment here but just in case:I'm more inclined to make a cake that's aesthetically pleasing than worry too much about how many people it will serve. If it's too small, then you can make a "kitchen cake" (same flavour cake and icing but no decoration) to be cut up and served with the decorated cake. If it's too large, then you can make some of the tiers dummy cakes.
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