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thanks very much! I was wondering how you could get a screw in a dowel! But this makes perfect sense now; I wouldnt have tried the fondant while it was on the pole but now I think I will.
smurffy, a picture would be great! I am a ditz I think I've got the idea though; I assume your cake was fondant covered, to be picked up and threaded onto the dowel? mine will be, thankfully!
am I understanding, the cake is not on its own cake board, just stick the ball of cake onto the support?
Question: I want to make a volleyball out of cake (Wilton sports ball pan- about 6 inches around). I want a rice cereal hand to be sticking up from the cake and holding the ball. Would the ball cake safely sit on a tiny cake board (like 2 1/2 inches square) if I slice a tiny bit off the bottom or is there a better way?? Thanks!
yup, straight out of the fridge so the buttercream doesnt slide around and get lumpy.
I have a question- are they edible??! I have heard yay and nay...
yup, refrigerate in a box and then plastic wrap and when you take it out let it come to RT in the box, without touching until it's at RT.
sounds gross, but I've seen folks dip a fluffly brush into the luster and then "blow" it off the brush onto the cake. Make sense? there must be something better to "blow" with out there...?
thanks! I forgot about the dowel (duh!) and I think I will try Gorilla GLue too!
help, please! I am making a cupcake stand from cake drums (foil-covered) and styrofoam separators. I cant seem to find a glue that will work with both styro. and foil (hot glue doesnt work on styro and stryo glue doesnt work on foil...). What do you use?
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