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there is a tool...Wilton Cake Marker.  It has a little pin and you an put it at the height you want and it will mark a line (template) around the cake when spun on a turntable....if that would help.
i agree with your suspicion that you are using too "closed" of a star tip...something like a 1M has deeper cuts, fewer and more spread out than the tip you tried. Good luck!
thanks! I forgot to say it is a fondant cake, and small (8" square, but taller). Its hard to understand how the fondant doesnt slide down off the sides if it is in pieces!
I have never made a brick house before- would you guys suggest using the imprint mat for the bricks, cut a piece to fit and freeze for a few minutes before slapping onto the walls? One piece for each side? Any suggestions appreciated!
sorry to hijack (never used boba straws) but this foam core...what I dont understand is when you put a dowel through it, dont tiny bits of foam get into the next cake layer??
wow, so even the buyer can be in trouble for infringement?? If they claim ignorance? Interesting....I guess the decorator as well then, not just the shop owner...learn more everyday.
Hi! I am stumped figuring out how to make a wine bottle cake for 30- do I stack 2 9x13s (longways, torted into 4 layers) and carve away at that? One 11x15 sliced longways/stacked? This would be without a wine crate....if I did the crate could it be 2 layers of cake for crate and 1 for bottle and if so how do you pick up the bottle cake and put it on top after it is fondanted (or are those usually done with rice cereal)? I guess there cant be a cake board underneath for...
bummer, isnt it? oh, you have a pretty website!
help! I'm all out of ideas for wedding cupcakes...searched high and low...anyone have anything new and elegant? thanks!
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