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can you paint it black once dry?
or pipe a mirror image with royal and use that to imprint it.
ooh! i have some of that crystallized powder too. Please let us know how it works!
make sure you make it just barely damp. if there is too much water it will just slide off.  Gum glue is great also.
thanks guys!  mostly my thoughts exactly (way too pricey for something too amateur). Customer said "no thanks"!  Boss admits she is clueless (doesnt decorate). I guess I should have encouraged her to go lower!  Hard to know what to do when the shop sells mostly small $6-8/serving wedding cakes. Sometimes I feel like I will never learn the "business brain"....
i work for a cupcake  bakery in northern va and my boss is clueless about pricing (not really my job?)- customer wants this amateur-looking thing and she wants to charge $150 for 20 servings (Im thinking 9x13)- what do you think? we charge $6-7/serving for simple wedding cakes. thanks! (ps I will not have styrofoam showing!)
I feel for you. I am in northern Va and have encountered similar things. Very low pay (same as you), hard to find jobs, but I do have to say my current bakery is very clean and "requires" breaks. The last one i worked at (on the other hand) WAS disgusting with no breaks. For them to even suggest you eat WHILE you work seems like a sanitary violation! Truth be told, its not a great career unless you become a very succesful owner!
oh, it is pretty!  which coconut recipe did you end up using?
got it! found a thread, once i changed the search to "balls" and not "bites"!  press and seal, or chocolate to cover the foam! thanks.
I've seen what look like styrofoam tree shapes covered with cake bites (balls)- how do you make this?? Do i try to cover the foam with fondant and then glue the bites on with chocolate?  Wouldnt want any foam to come off when folks pull a cake bite off. Suggestions please!
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