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Do you know how many cups of batter are in a WASC recipe using 1 box mix?  I need to make an 8-layer rainbow cake, and I'm trying to figure it all out!
I want to use ganache on an ice cream cake, but I don't want it to be rock hard when I serve it.  Any suggestions for the chocolate/cream ratio?  Or adding shortening to keep it softer, like you would for dipping?
I'm going to make a doll cake and I'm eager for any advice. Some doll cakes look fairly elegant, while some look like big fat blobs. It's just for my daughter, so if it is a blob, no one but me will care, but I'd love to do a good job. How do you make it look nice?
I use Rhonda's Ultimate MMF for my fondant recipe, but I can't seem to get it to be very pliable. I use it for decorations, but if I try to roll it out to cover a whole cake, it just breaks apart. Any ideas on how to make it more pliable? I've tried adding more Crisco, but it doesn't seem to help.
The melted chocolate worked *perfectly*! Thanks so much!
I did make some more with gumpaste powder. How long does that usually take to dry?
I'm trying to make a sun, with fondant rays sticking out. I made the rays last week and thought they were dry, but now that I'm trying to insert them into the cake, they're going soft! Is there anyway I can get them hard, fast? I need this cake tomorrow, but I was really hoping to get it done today!
Maybe. But I think it puts into perspective that it's more than just "flour, sugar, and eggs" that go into a cake.
Talks about all the labor and love put into a cake:
What would be good starter supplies for a tween that wants to start cake decorating? I'm a hobby baker, so I'd love some professional opinions. I would definitely say a star tip, writing tip. What else?
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