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welcome to cc melissa, as the pp stated it is very addictive, and helpful and all sorts of wonderful things, so welcome and happy caking
thank you everyone for your helpful information
i'm new to cookies, and was wondering what you use to stick your cookies into so they don't move around. i could've sworn i seen a post on this but, can't seem to find it now.TIA
yes definantely look on youtube, there are some good tutorials there, i'm not sure any of them are specifically how to's involving monkies, but you can get the jest of it from the ones that are available.good luckhappy caking
how flippin rude is that lady,forget her and worry about yourself and your poor kitchen,thankfully everyone is okay, wishing you better luck, hope today is a better day!!!!
i agree with everyone else, your cake looks great, just add your borders, and it will be fine, as the pp said after that be sure to step away from the cake, let it go, and all will be fine,
i think your cake looks really nice, i wouldn't have noticed the corner at all if you hadn't pointed it out, as one of the pp's said, must real purses have lil dents and creases and things in the fabric anyway, so i think you did a great job.
i learned mostly on my own by trying things i saw here and there, this site is a really great site for anyone just starting to do cakes, cookies, cupcakes, there are so many helpful people on here, always willing to give advice, directions etc or lead you to where you can find the info your looking for, there are alot of great tutorials here and on youtube, and a lot of great people willing to help.Happy caking and welcome to cc
maybe using different lengths of wire covered in fondant/gumpaste with like little drops on the end, i can see what i mean , but can't seem to say itsorryhth
i use the whipped cream buttercream recipe i found here on cc, it doesn't use any butter, but i find that the people i make cakes for like it better than regular buttercream (which i used to use all the time)becuz it is not as sweet. and it is not nearly as exspensive to make. but since i usually only do cakes for family and friends, i imagine i could use either and they wouldn't complain.
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