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You rock girl!Being able to produce two wedding cakes in such a small time frame and under such STRESS ful conditions is quite an achievement. You should be proud of yourself! I hope your driver will recover soon.
I always put my gumpaste in the freezer. Depending on the temperature in your freezer it can last for up to three months. As long as it is sealed I think it will hold for over a month (maybe even two) in the fridge.
I am so sorry this happened to you, but don't give up on making wedding cakes! I personally believe it has everything to do with the wooden dowels and the Wilton colors. I am so ANTI wooden dowels. They have to be exactly perpendicular, if not, they will lean. I never use wooden dowels. I always create my own 'sps system' (because SPS is not available in the Netherlands) with Wilton plates, Wilton hidden pillars and Wilton PLASTIC dowel rods. I know it costs (a lot) more,...
Why in the world would you return the deposit? They cancel the cake just a couple of days before the wedding! KEEP the money! It is yours!
I received many request for a 'how to...' on the gumpaste butterfly I recently used on one of my cupcakes. For those interested, I made a tutorial. You will find it on the English part of my blog. I hope you enjoy!
Fantastic! Congratulations!
If I where you, I would make a mini cake and just try it and see how it works. Nothing works as good as practice.
The edible lustre sprays are great. You can use yellow fondant and spray it with bronze or even pearl. Gives a great gold!Good luck!
Do I understand this correctly? The brother smashes the bottom tier (!!!) in the neck of the bride and groom? Is that the new trend in being funny?If I where that bride I would be so !!!
I do 95% wedding cakes. I sell about two cakes per week - sometimes three - in peak season. Price was a big factor for me too. Here, where I am, people don't want to pay for birthday cakes.I have a website and only advertise on the Internet. Nothing else. I am just not a good sales person, but I believe I am fairly reasonable baker I think that 50 percent of my customers come from seeing my website and the other 50 from word of mouth.I really like it. You get to deal with...
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