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thank you all
jenbug_8806how would i start the process of havinig a cupcake truck?
thank you! i will do that soon for sure
this is all great it really inspires me! i would love to have the truck with the oven inside..thinking maybe more of a dessert/breakfast type. sweets and breakfast foods in the morning...have coffe juice and water..then maybe a desserts in the later afternoons? not too sure yet. it would definately been in the future as i do not have the money to get things started :'(but i am very serious about doing it
imagenthatnj thank you soo much for those links!!! that truck is soo awesome! i would love something like that thank you again!!!
Thank you all for your input! seems like i have a whole lot of thinking and planning to do before anything.thanks again! have a great FRIDAY
My friend and I were talking today and she suggested that I should look into getting a truck to sell cupcakes from. I live in CA so I know I would have to rent a commercial kitchen but what are your thoughts on getting a truck and what would the process be? What kind of truck would i need? please helpThanks!!
Thank you all sooo much
I live in merced county and i've recelntly been inquiring about the cake biz... i've gotten in contact with a few people but i am still confused about which order i should do things i want to rent a commercial kitchen in the town that i live in. i do not have any permits or insurance or kitchen yet or anything to start so i would like to know in what order i should do things. get my business name first or my insurance or permit....i'm lost!PLEASE HELP ME Thanks for...
Thank you soo much for this I really needed to hear it. I always feel soo bad charging what I do but in the end it is soo much work to do a custom cake and we should all get paid for the time and work we put into them. Thanks again!
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