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I need to do a 3-D Kitten on a 12" Flower Petal Cake. Has anyone made a kitten out of Wilton's Stand-Up Bear Pan or Mini Stand-Up Bear Pan? I would love some tips and/or pics to help me. Anyone? (I don't have time to browse 12,000 pages of pics!). (I have a 3-D Tiger in my pics, but I wasn't happy with the shape.)
I have had problems with hot pink MMF tearing. However the purple MMF I made (same recipe) and covered a larger tier with, was fine. Is it something about the pink/red color, or just the fact that you need to add more color than with other shades?Working in extra shortening has proved to be a good solution for me. That and trimming fast so that you don't have too much weight pulling. I also keep my cake almost flat on the counter until I am doing the final stage of...
This is the link to the pic. Caths_Cakes for taking the time to respond.
Well, the cake just took some extra "fiddling". Not as daunting a task as I had thought. However, it could just be beginner's luck. We will see if I can successfully repeat it.It is the "Fancy Nancy" Cake in my Photos.
[quote="indydebi"] I grease-only-no-flour. When baking, the heat element is at the bottom of the oven, so the heat is pushing the batter up the sides of the pan. Over the decades, I've learned the batter slides up the pan much more easily if the sides are only greased. The flour acts as a "stopper" that grabs the batter and somewhat holds it down, which gave me short sides and a high dome.Thanks indydebi. I will have to try that! I had been fairly successful with the...
This is what it looked like after I rolled it out. that helps!
The add an attachment did not work for me (usually doesn't!). Try this link:
I tinted different colors of fondant, broke off small pieces and set side by side (randomly), then rolled them together. Check my pics for the Lego Army cake. I will try to attach a picture of what I did.
I would like to try covering the Wilton "Petals" Cake (Flower shaped) in Fondant, but am a little hesitant. Has anyone done this successfully? I would appreciate any tips on what to do (or what not to do). If this is too difficult, then I may have to bake a different cake (plain round).
I baked a 10" round cake with 6 cups of batter as the pan instructions state, using the "Darn Good Chocolate Cake" recipe from this site (which I have used before with success). I greased the bottoms and sides with cake release, and used a flower nail in the center (as a heat core).During baking, my cake rose evenly until it got higher than the nail, then it began to peak in the center. I had to give the cake extra time until it tested done. As the cake cooled, the...
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