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One more thought.  I did have a friend who didn't enjoy her class - but it was because of the instructor.  If you get an instructor you don't like, then ask who is instructing the next time you sign up so that you can avoid that person (or go to a different Michael's, which is what my friend did).
I also enjoyed meeting local bakers/decorators at the class!   The friendships that were established by those who continued the classes with me were worth it also.
I have taken all the Wilton classes.  At the time I had been doing very basic decorating for about 10 years and was just starting to learn fondant, royal icing, etc.  Some of the classes I did not learn much, others I did.  Since I had young kids at the time, the best thing about the class was having several uninterrupted hours to practice my hobby!  The classes are not expensive especially if you pick up your supplies gradually using the Michael's weekly coupons. ...
I seem to be hearing a lot about the health benefits of using coconut oil in baking.  I have used it in a varitey of baked goods, and for the most part I am happy with the results.  I have used it successfully in place of oil as well as in place of butter or margerine.  Since coconut oil is a solid at room temperature, I had thought it should work to substitue in place of palm shortening.  Has anyone tried this?  How did it work?
For those who have been wondering...this cake made me sick.  Literally!    I thought it was just sleep deprivation and a cold, but it turns out I got Bronchitis so I have been recovering away from the cake world.    We went with recipe #3 which my friend really liked.  I do want to tweak the recipe a bit.  She said #2 (with tofu) wasn't bad, but you could taste the tofu - and I agree.  Several days ago I was feeling better, so I used a recipe I already had and baked...
Time to fill and ice the cake...but I guess I need to ask my friend if she would prefer the cake that tastes the best (trial #3), or the cake that looks the most like regular cake (#2-doesn't taste as good, but filling and frosting will help.)    Thank-you all for your input.  If I come up with a better recipe in the future, I will try to remember to post it.  If someone else can benefit from my flops and my stress, that would be great!
The cake I baked from Jason Kraft's link is out of the oven.  Not as bad as my first flop, but very dense - never did rise much.  (Disappointed.)  Out of the 3 "recipes" I tried today, the best results were when I used the same Gluten-free cake mix as I did with my first flop, except I used tofu intsead of egg replacer and added an extra 1/4 cup water.  Still not quite as good as a regular cake, but getting closer.
Thank you Sherry for all 3 links.  I will definitely check them out.
So...the cake is in the oven...and is rising (but only very slightly).  The top texture is quite bumpy, so I am preparing myself for another flop.    The batter ended up being one big dough I added another 1/4 cup of coconut milk which didn't help much, but I was scared to play with the batter too much on my first attempt.  IF I try this recipe again, I will use an extra 1/2 cup coconut milk and see if that helps any.  At the risk of sounding stupid - perhaps I...
THANK-YOU for the recipe, Jason Kraft!  I will have to substitute coconut oil for the palm oil shortening, and use a different G-F flour mix, but I am still hopeful this might work.  I was leery of the flax making the white cake look wierd...but I am so desperate I don't care anymore!!!  As long as it looks good, tastes good and doesn't fall apart!  I will report back to CC'ers as to how it turned out.  :)
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