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cherrycakes, you were the one who originally got me started with the Duncan Hines WASC.  I admit that it isn't as good since they changed the amount you get in each box.  Are you still loving this fromscratchsf recipe?  Do you weigh your ingredients each time or have you converted the recipe to dry measure?  (I don't have a digital kitchen scale).
I forgot to mention that I also omit the liquid red food coloring and use 1 teaspoon of Wilton No-Taste Red Icing Color Gel instead.  I think it makes for a better taste.
@Rocky33 I have used the same recipe that you posted, and was also caught off-guard by how runny it was.  I did add an extra tablespoon cocoa to mask the coffee taste (we like our coffee STRONG, so that may have made a difference).  Also, I used 1 teaspoon Wilton No-taste Red Icing Color Gel instead off the liquid food coloring...  I think it is the best flavor of Red Velvet I have come across so far.
To the OP... It looks like you used the recipe from this source:   I just tried that recipe this morning.  I tasted the batter before I put it into the cupcake papers and found the coffee taste was obvious, so I added another tablespoon of dark cocoa.  (I personally like the "mocha" taste, but added more cocoa so it would taste more like a traditional red velvet...
I agree with cherrycakes.  The bakery I work at uses Americolor, and occasionally I have had problems with the icing being TOO neon! 
Did you use the original recipe from wordpress, or the one posted in this thread by the OP?  I have not compared them, but the OP said she may have made minor modifications...  I would like to compare this "scratch" recipe with a few others I have been playing with.
The CC community is great.    Awesome job on your first fondant cake.  No wonder people are asking you to make cakes for them.  You can either view it as a great way to practice your hobby without having to invest your own money (at least charge enough for your supples and an extra tool or two)...or if you want it to be a source of income, then don't be afraid to charge at least 3-4 what they would pay for a Supermarket cake. (You may not get as many orders...
Have fun!!!  :)
Here is a link for candy melt transfers on this site:
Wilton's Color Flow Technique would work.  Just make sure you give your creation several days to dry and then very carefully peel the wax paper off as your characters will be fragile.   Color Flow technique on Cookies:   Wilton website info:     Since colorflow breaks down when in contact with moisture, another option might be to use candy melts.  A little...
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