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How do I keep the 3D cupcake cake from slipping off of a topsy turvy cake? Thanks so much.
How did you know how much to refund her?
sounds like a fun event, but is there a way you can do themes without entering into copyright infringement?   Vintage is great, also do generic themes geared towards kids. Sure Hello Kitty is cute and all, but it's also illegal for you to do so unless you are simply going to place toppers on, in which case most anyone could do that and it wouldn't really showcase your talent.
Yes, you obviously were way too stressed out after committing yourself to so many cakes in one weekend. One was bound to have a problem. Your cake was great, and in my opinion the main problem was that you thought so little of your talent that you gave it for free. If I was the client, I'd certainly suck it up about a cracked crown if it meant I'd get the cake for nothing. Live and learn, that's all anyone can do. Don't feel badly, you more than compensated them.
Yes, it's from 2010. But no reason to chastise people. I for one like to see old posts come back to life with more creative ideas added.
I don't see why someone(s) can't ask that CC'ers be kinder and gentler, without others getting all bent out of shape. As many have said, if you don't like what someone's written, don't read it beyond what you have to to get the gist of the post. Therefore, I feel the on and on and on to slam the OP is kind of mean.It's true that many hide behind anonymity. I don't put out my real name, but do try to stick to my real nature.This reminds me of a Weight Watchers post years...
Please stop! There's enough crap going on in the world without arguing on a cake site about which country has the worse buttercream!!Be respectful of each other's opinions, which in ALL the world, people are entitled to have.
plus there's the copyright infringement issue.
Customer's can you possibly drive safely and accurately with a 3 tier cake in your lap??No refund, no nothing.
I don't know why you are charging the delivery fee based upon number of flavors?
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