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That's great thanks Lizzie, I don't know why I've had such a mental block with this cake but feel a lot more confident now.  Thanks so much xxx
Thanks Leah, sorry I should have been clearer, do you think the first tallest strip should go all the way to the base of the tier and then add shorter ones?  Or are they all say an inch deep and applied slightly overlapping?  Does that make more sense?
Hi guys    I wonder if you can help me?  I have a bride wanting a cake with horizontal strips of icing (sort of uneven and a little jagged) totally covering her cake.  I have attached a picture of the effect she's after but her cake will have a different floral design.     Any advice would be much appreciated.   Thanks Claire      
I have a makin clay extruder (I found it online) it's fabulous and comes with lots of different ends. I use sugarpaste mixed with a little tylo and it works really well. HTH
Thank you so much for the quick response, it's really appreciated xxx
Hiya can anyone help i've searched by can't find the cutting instructions posted by indi deb, they are great and I need to give them to one of my brides tomorrow. Thank you so much.Claire
I live in the UK so had to have one imported from Maureen in the States so it cost me even more but so worth it. Fabulous product, fabulous service from Maureen at Agbay and like the op I would rescue it from a burning building
Thanks everyone, I got my bc as smooth as poss then put in fridge. Then I brushed all over really carefully with hot water to smooth any imperfections then applied fondant really carefully, the results not airbubbles... I'm so pleased. thank you xxx
After watching Mrs Mudrash's tutorials which are fabulous, I've started refridgerating my cakes after the bc coat and then fondanting. However once I put the fondant on and left them over night (not in fridge) lots of airbubbles appeared Should I have let the cakes come to room temp before fondanting? I would assume this negates putting them in the fridge at all? Argh bit stressed but want to find out how to do it properly as the edges are so much better after letting...
I get sheet cakes from my baker so I use rings alot too, but wouldn't be without my Agbay... unlike the tv decorators i do care if mine are level or not. They are a pain to b/c the sides though
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