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Thanks to all who helped me along the way, roses are not my strong point -i worried about them ALOT,but i am happy with them,once i air brushed them( tye die colors).Most imporant my friend the bride was happy.Once again THANK YOU ALL .You can view my cake in my pictures
Thanks everone for tips.Rose are not my strong point,thought i could get ahead on them.Never air dried ,will try that since i need to make alot of roses.I have a good crusting bc,no trouble with using viva on my cakes its just those damn roses .Ok here's the next? Are dried rose too hard to eat?Love you guys & this site i have found so much usefull info,wish you all could be my on site teachers
Can buttercream roses be made ahead and put in freezer for 2 or 3 weeks,thawed &then airbrushed.
I am soon making my first tiered wedding cake.1st ? can i freeze the layers for a week& still have great taste.2-Am baking in 3" pans can i just tort each cake & use as 1 tier.Am planning to put all layers on stand that has center pole, there will be about 1to 1 1/2" space between layers where i hope to put 1st time made fondant &choc. roses. 3rd?How long can i store premade roses?Any help would be great. THanks Kat
Great job,you should be very proud of yourself!Do you mind sharing?How high are your tiers,are they 1 layer & torted or 2 layers of cake each?Thanks for any help.
I want to make roses with modeling chocolate.How long will they stay fresh&what is the best storage-in fridge or air tight storage at room temp.Also what is best method for coloring?Thanks for any help.
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