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Hi Trevie,I am back again, i have been trying to get my hands on the amazing mold putty, but no luck here in toronto, canada, or any product like that, do you have any suggestions where else can i look for it, i have contacted Michaels as well and they do not carry that product, they do have i think the liquid, but not sure how easy that is to use, let me know if you can, thanks,
thank you once again for the quick reply
Trevie, can you let me know when you use the molds, do you cover the whole bottle or just half, and where can i find isomalt, i am in toronto, canada, so not sure, never seen this isomalt, let me know thanks,
Trevie thank you so much for this link, it is very detailed and now i think i have an idea how to do it, i just have to get my hands on the mold, i definitely plan on doing this project for my next cake, thanks so much for your help, just like sweetresults very detailed, thanks once again appreciate your help.
yes i had the same question as cakerator, as even i went into the link and had no luck, no sure if it is full or half bottles that you all make, let us know, thanks
thks for your help, i have to try this out, hope it works, do you know if the sugar could crack if it is hollow when taking it out of the mold, pls let me know, thanks,
Please send me links of the tutorial and details, thanks in advance
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