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. As I understand your frustration you need to remember most people on this site are not business owners and they can only offer the limited amount of help that they have from doing the same as you, searching for other posts like this and getting the phone numbers you seem to have. Keep calling numbers until you get the answers you need or cross your fingers and hope you dont caught and made into the example as to why there are laws for shipping food thats your call.
Couldnt have said it better!
awesome thanks!
I have looked everywhere maybe i am just blind, how do you make a gift box cake with an open lid? I have seen so many and would like to try it. Just point me in the right direction lol
I am making a gingerbread cake for an office party and cant think of any other frosting but cream cheese that would be good with the cake. The only problem is the cake will be sitting out ALL day from 730 am to 8 or 9 pm so cream cheese wont work. Do you ladies have any other suggestions for a frosting that will work well with the gingerbread taste?
LMAO I need my knives hot like the decorator. Then he crushes the cake OMG too funny
This is what I am going to do to make a pumpkin cake for an office party. Seems easy enough as the bundt pans make the lines in the cake for you!
I love those threads what they ordered and what they got too funny
Awesome thank you for posting all the links! They will come in real handy.
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