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I had this extruder didn't mind the crank handle, liked that it had a nice selection of disc' to go with it, used it a lot unfortunately it didn't last, some of the threading broke off after about 6 months.  I also had to knead in some extra shortening  to the fondant to make it a little more pliable for ease in extruding.
I live in the Brockville area and have used the Virgin Ice Fondant from Bulk Barn and have never had an issue with it , it is my preferred "purchased" fondant. What did you have the cupcakes stored in after you finished decorating them? This is the thread you started in October about incorporating gluten free in your offerings.  Without rereading the whole thread again I believe it contained some good info and perspectives for you, ultimately you are the only one who can determine if you can realistically do this in a shared kitchen based on info you source out to make your informed decision.   Personally...
This will sound odd but when I was in college for culinary management, (many many years ago), I used plain old toothpaste as my medium for practicing my piping skills... to practice piping scrolls, drop strings etc on the side of a cake I had a piece of vinyl attached to my dorm room wall that I would pipe onto.
I Googled swan pillars and found Phiel and Holing here is the link this takes you to their home page, just google swan pillars into their search engine, hope this helps
Icing sugars have starch added to them to keep them fluffy and from clumping, check the ingredients list, if it has wheat starch added to it then it is not gluten free, if it has cornstarch added to it then it is gluten free.   Shortenings aren't made with gluten products but still may not be labelled as gluten free due to where they are manufactured and may have some cross contamination, for example if a shortening manufacturer also produces one of the baking sprays...
I have had a number of people ask me about gluten free baking for them so I looked into what all this would involve, after researching I decided not to pursue this avenue because of the potential harm that gluten free customers could experience with cross contamination from wheat products in my kitchen. In my opinion I would need to have a dedicated kitchen for producing gluten free products as even one grain of gluten can wreak havoc on anyone with a gluten...
Thanks smittyditty, the base of this cake was a 4" x 14" red velvet with cream cheese icing and a 4" x 14" chocolate cake with buttercream carved and also used cake "spackle" to give it some dimension, gazebo base was a 4"x8" vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream and top of gazebo was vanilla cake baked in one of my pyrex bowls, they also had a slab carrot cake.  Funny the bride said the same thing about wanting to live there as well...perhaps it's time for me watch LOTR!!
Awesome cakes everyone, here is a pic of the LOTR themed wedding cake i did this weekend, again the bride purchased the Arwen and Aragorn figurines and wanted them inside the small gazebo on the Rivendell cliffside, I know nothing about LOTR so this is my attempt.
Something else to consider on top of everything else that has been stated as possible/probable causes, did you provide a non slip mat to set the box on so it wouldn't slide around during transport, for me I always use them when i am delivering and/or provide to customers for transport.
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