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i tried this recipe per Jen's recipe, it was a flop to say the least. The lower half of the cake had a red color to it, I do not know what happened. The batter looked fine. I really do not know what went wrong though. And it was extremely dense. I was very disappointed to say the least.
Hi Major!You will do fine. Faith is a powerful thing, and it will all work out. I am also exercising faith here. I am in the process of moving from the deep south to Seattle WA. All I have is faith. No money nothing. But, I am so optimistic it is not funny. Everyday that goes by I am making ways for my move.If you have a vision work towards it. Everything will WORK OUT FOR YOU!
I use this recipe exclusively, but with the little information that you provided, I am not able to assist.So I will say this. Based on the temp of the meringue and butter you will get a soupy look. Sometimes it last longer than other times. If the meringue was not cool enough and the butter was room temp all you will get is basically melted butter. If that is the case then you can chill it for a while then re-whip and it will come to IMBC.I do not know what recipe you used...
I used gumpaste and placed in the mold, them in the freezer then took out, while it was a bit tacky I used a mixture if petal dust and luster dusts. Everyone thought they were real
No need to remake it! Freeze it, take it apart - Carefully, and re-stack. Do not insert dowels in previous dowel holes. HTH
I want it too please? Thank You!
Hmmmmm! I do not know what to suggest, because I make this cake all the time using weights, and I have never had a problem with rising or sinking. I even make cupcakes with it too and no issues there. It is VERY rich so I use it for adults mainly, but it is nice.I do whip my ingredients per her instructions. If only I could get her butter cake to work that well for me.
Tomswife your chocolate does sound yummy! I would LOVE to try it. Thanks
HiAll I did was use enough fondant for whatever size purse you want to create. Smooth it out and add dimensions based on the design you want and add the handles.These are some I did freehand and this is what they look like. Feel free to message questions if you want. Hope the photo helps with my explanation.
I do not know if I will be too much help now. But I used it on all the damask design on this cake. They did taste OK to me so I do not know. The cake was also chilled and the design did not smear
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