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Kellym, any news?
I really love the Karen Davies moulds for faces. I use them alot and then build the bodies from scratch. You could also buy the tutorials from Lorraine McKay's website. She's really fabulous. Good luck!
If you have the time for shipping, I would go to Global Sugar Art . com and get the Karen Davies moulds. I only have the faces, but I absolutely love them. I use the heads, but make the bodies myself.
I suppose one has to experiment and find out what works for them.5 years of caking...never had a problem with a cake being gooey.
Jen, I pull my cakes out of the freezer an hour or so before I decorate and let them thaw while still wrapped. I wrap my cakes warm. It makes sense that the steam that comes from the cooling process will crystalize inside the wrapping and then, when thawing, will soak back into the cake. People go crazy about a moist cake!
It also acts to combat some of the sweetness in box cake mixes.
I'll tell ya, there are definitly a few cakes I wish I would have said no to! I'm not so shy now. I either let them know that I'm already booked (if that's the case) or that I'm simply not available that particular day. Also, price can be a factor. If your cakes are priced appropriately, you'll have several clients who simply won't be interested after you've given them an estimate. Few are willing to pay my $3.50 - $4.00 per serving for a 10-15 person birthday cake.
I've found that the kind of icing you use makes all the difference. When I was just starting out and using shortening based buttercream, I had the same problem. I switched to using only Italian Meringue buttercream or chocolate ganache. Both harden up nicely in the fridge and hold thier shape until the fondant sets. One other thing that helps a ton is the way you ice the cake. I take two cardboard cake circles and put one on the bottom of the tier and one on the top (like...
That was my thought...Chocolate cake, Raspberry SMBC filling, ganach for the outside. YUM!
Agreed. Long bamboo skewer. What kind of cake board are you using? If it's foam core, you can run that skewer right into it... that spout shouldn't go anywhere after that.
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