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ed hardy how do I do this sponge look.
I am making a purse and need to know how I would do a sponge paint look on it,its a ed hardy design and don't know how to get the look. Thank you for all your help.
I tryed something the other day for hair and it worked. I use a pasta machine that I only use for fondant and I put the spag. attachment on and it worked, but you need to use wilton fondant something alittle more firm than most of the other ones. I hope this helps.
Thank you I have learned so much from this site.
I'am taking classes to be a pastry chef and we are required to take a safey-serv. class which is given by the ohio health department and I asked about pets being in the home if you are allowed to bake under the cottage law and she told me that you can have pets but they have to be in a separate part of the home and not in the kitchen that you are cooking or baking in,you must have a door to separate them. I was really confussed on this matter so I was glad I got it cleared...
could someone please tell me what tip they use to for cookie monster fur. Thank you
I crumb coated a frozen cake with buttercream, Will it ever stop sweating and will it crust so I can get the finishing coat on I have it sitting out and a fan blowing on it, I don't no why I didn't let it thaw.
I love the taste of bettercream but wanted to put fondant over it can you do this or is it to light.
I did purchase Duffs fondant because with the coupons it is cheaper for me than shipping and purchasing satin ice. I would definately love to keep using satin ice but shipping is to high.
I bought Duff's fondant have'nt tried it yet,but for me it is cheaper than ordering satin ice on line when I use the coupons I get it at 11.00 and when 50% off I get it for 10.00 that is alot cheaper than satin ice. I have to pay 26.00 for 2lbs. at our cake supplies shop and over the internet with shipping I pay 16.00 for 2lbs. So I was really excited.So now I hope the taste is good.
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