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Posts by southernswthrt you think the fleur de lis in that picture is made of chocolates or fondant? If fondant, how do you use the candy mold with fondant?
He must be my husband's long lost brother. Mine does the same thing...I know how frustrating it is to be criticized, but as another poster said, we are our own worst critics and most people don't notice the imperfections like we do. My cakes will never look like Cake Boss or any of those TV shows, but I just started and I work full time so I'm pretty damn happy with what I'm able to do!
I live in the NOLA area and either get my supplies online or from B&B in Hammond or Party Time in Baton Rouge on Bluebonnet (worth the drive)
I have the wilton set b/c I got it half off at hobby lobby when they had a huge sale! They work well for me.But I do have a few things from Ateco (cutters, etc.) and they're great...very high quality "professional grade" tools.Guess it depends on how much you'll use them. I'm a hobby baker with a full time I look for the deals! If I find something I really like and use often, I'll spring for the fancy model...
I have to make an 8 inch square 2-layer chocolate cake this weekend. I normally use PB and one cake mix extended with the WASC recipe usually fits perfectly into 2 7-inch squares (2 inches high).I'd be willing to use DH if it would mean I wouldn't have to double the recipe. Can anybody out there elaborate? TIA
I have magic line square pans and fat daddios round and recommend both of them.
I just started decorating cakes - never tried sugar cookies, but want to make some with a glace icing. I have a few questions though:1. Do you all bake on a stone or a metal cookie sheet? Or should I buy something else?2. Should I use parchment on the metal cookie sheet? It seems as though the bottoms always burn (or at least get brown and tough) whether I put parchment or not. 3. Do you "dip" the cookies in the icing or do you have to flood them?4. What recipes do...
OMG, the most views I have is 329! You have some pics with thousands of views...I looked at your gallery and you do very nice work. One of the great things about CC is that there are sooooo many photos to look at so that's why your pics get "buried" so quickly I suppose. Also, I only save the photos if I need to go back to them as inspiration for future cakes, and I suppose lots of other folks have different "philosphies"! ...So don't be down on yourself If you're...
I tried this once and experienced the same thing! I haven't tried again, but I think if I do, I will put 2 straws or dowels in it to see if that will stop the shifting!
Depends which pattern you want...i got the new Coach C effect with 2 circle cutters - one larger than the other. Then cut out a small piece to create the C. I found it best to let the fondant dry a little before trying to pick them up and put them on the cake.I know I've seen the other Coach C tempate for the signature pattern in the templates here on CC.
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