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The best advice ever is to have a minimum numbers of servings for tastings. You do not want to do a tasting for a cake that feeds 30. There goes some of your profits. You can give the client a heads up with a price estimate, but some will still do the tasting and not order. Serving minimum.
Okay, first, thicker fondant is NOT BETTER. Thinner is. Thicker fondant makes for heavier fondant, which causes tearing. Now with that said, I'm not familiar with Satin Ice, but I will say this, not every fondant is for everybody. Some people have great success with Satin Ice, some don't. I use MMF.Second, I've used IMBC, SMBC, and ganache on topsy turvys. You DO NOT need to put crisco & DO NOT put crisco on the ganache to make the fondant stick. You rubbing the fondat...
I have no idea what they are talking about. A mini cake is exactly that, mini. Like 3-4-5, maybe 6, but that would be pushing it and they average $20 a piece. What thye are describing soundsl like a regular wedding cake. Personally, the add sounds like a hussle. Mini cakes are never cheap and are very much a specialty item, hence why they cost.
Isn't that what you just did.
$150! All I see is someone not selling cakes much longer.
I think you need to stick to one policy and call it a day. I'm sure it will eliminate all the confusion.
Well I'm sure you know how to multiply a dozen to get 300 pieces, so blah, blah, blah, I'm sure you can figure that one out as well.
Beaten egg whites, brushed on to dry grapes, sprinkled with crystal sugar. Allow to dry. It looks very pretty.
The country kitchen I have bought from is not that site. I just checked to make sure. Sorry, but the other is great. Just goole it and it's the site that ends in sa. Great prices, great shipping prices, and quick shipping.
I thought Indy was beaing "clear" on giving example times for example cookies.
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