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Perhaps you should think about restructuring your business, instead of stopping altogether. By you mentioning what happened with the cookies, maybe you're feeling overwhelmed from that experience. It's the worst thing to have something go wrong with an order; I know first hand. Maybe it would help if you limit your orders, too. Turn a deaf ear to those pushing you too hard, because they're not doing all the work. But at the same time, use their encouragement to push...
$4/serving is a good start for 3-D pricing. Minimum of 20servings, which means that the cakes start @ $80.00Regarding pricing...those cakes are labor intensive. And if people want them, then they should pay. Period. So don't be scared to charge what they are worth.
I was wondering how this would work, too! Wooden dowels are bad enough, but popsicle sticks?
Are you sure the actual shirt needs to feed 150? Because they are having another do BOTH cakes need to feed 150 together. If so, then you don't have to make the shirt as big. Otherwise, I would go with cathie's suggestions.Good luck.
The one jenna15 posted is correct.The 10 inch cake should read "38", not 28.
I like to spread the sprinkles on a cookie sheet. Then hold the cake at an angle in one hand, and put the sprinkles on with the other hand. The excess will fall back on the cookies sheet. Make sure the cake is freshly iced, so the sprinkles will stick.Once finished, just put the sprinkles back in the bag or container they were in (making sure you take out any icing that might have gotten mixed in)
My turn to chime in.lolI was so happy to get my set a few days ago. I finished watching everything this past Sat. I love it! So to date, I have every video, and can't wait for the next one!I, too, like when Sharon said let the kids pick up the straws...she was so serious and straight-faced about it! I started cracking up at that!I especially liked the out-takes. Sharon is just the cutest! And I almost started doin' a boogie with her when she was shaking those...
Definitely agree with everyone so far! She is so helpful. And what, has she made it to 18,000 posts yet? My goodness, I was working trying to get another star by making 400 posts!...and no star!!! Gotta get to 500 I guess. I won't even think about posting as much as Debi!LOLBut I'm glad she has the time and is willing to be so generous here. I love to pick her brain sometimes or offer "food for thought" conversation, when I'm not reading what she's already shared.
Something is wrong if your icing is grainy. Could be a bad batch of sugar, or maybe you're not mixing it properly. But, your icing should be smooth.What extracts to do you add to your icing, if any? Of course the extracts provide flavor other than what the powdered sugar alone would render.
The OP used to live in CA. Now she's in Las Vegas.To OP...a great resource that I myself have purchased is www.sellcakeslikecrazy.comThis cake couple has provided many different ways to generate business that is specifically geared towards cakes. I learned many valuable ideas.
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