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you can get a tie-dye effect with airbrush, but on a cupcake that doesn't give you much room. I would do a multi-colored marble in white frosting. Just be careful not to mix too much otherwise you are right---it would be brown.
When a client wants fresh strawberries, I usually fill the layer with whipped cream and fresh strawberries. I have also "packed" my strawberries with buttercream which worked just as well. I haven't had a problem. I do not ever, ever, ever freeze strawberries. It turns them to runny mush.
I would absolutely use a board & dowels for 2 tier--better to be safe than sorry
I made a cake with fruit on it. I staked the fruit with skewers and stuck them into the cake. It worked out fine. I used very small lemons and limes. For heavier fruit, you may want to use two skewers. The grapes I would add on site.
Right on sister!!! Cake snobs with money. My favorite customers. Cake snobs with champagne taste and PBR budget. NOT my favorite customers.
I use Italian Meringue Buttercream that I do not feel is any where close to what you can buy readymade from the grocery store.Royal Icing: Powdered sugar mixed with egg whites (meringue powder) to make a frosting that hardens considerably.Chocolate ganache: Dark Chocolate mixed with cream to give a smooth, spreadable texture.
2 years+, and I have 2 "No soliciting" signs on my front door. Doesn't stop them though. Their cause if so much more worthy than the next. I still get as many as I did in the beginning. I have become better at recognizing earlier in the conversation. I interrupt them and tell them I need to get back to my work. so sorry--gotta go.
I am floored at the difference between Earlene's and Wilton's chart. Apparently I have been using Earlene's (I didn't realize--I just stole the chart from the place I worked previously) but no wonder people keep telling me they have cake left over.P.S. Fostergirl: I am very sorry for your experience. That was a horrible woman. She did not deserve a full refund. Good luck with your new cake.
It would definitely be bad if you took ADVANTAGE of the open bar and got smashed. Other than that, it might be nice to meet some people in your town. I hate cutting cake! If I do have the free time and energy to go to an event, then the last thing I want to do after getting my party clothes on is mess with BC again. If you don't mind, then go. Have a good time. I charge $50.00/hour to cut a cake and the time starts at the cake arrival generally 1-2 hours before the...
Just saying hi on my dinner break.I have a ton of cakes going out tomorrow. I lost both of my helpers and it is killing me! I also learned today that I cannot freeze pumpkin puree. I have 2 pumpkin breads going out tomorrow as well. I had to rebake because the ones I made with the frozen puree were so NOT attractive!
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