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That looks like it! Thanks so much! I kept typing in wood grain. Maybe that was my issue. Thanks again!! Ordering it now!! Woohoo!
I have looked everywhere on the internet and even ordered the wrong tool that ended up being way too big. Can someone please tell me what mat or roller leaves the small detailed wood pattern I see on so many cakes. I'm posting an example. It's the pattern you see on the door on the bottom tier! I need this cake tool! I love it! Thanks!! hope the picture shows up!
I have a box :Drecipe I've used numerous times with great results I got off this site. If you would still like it you can PM me. If you look at my cakes you'll see my results with it.
These charts have shown up on cake central before but if they help... And:
Forgot to mention I still put wax paper under the cake. hold it still with a little icing.
I really like to go to my scrapbook store and find paper I like to go with my cake design. I use 1/2 foamcore, cut the scrapbook paper to fit then cover it with clear contact paper. (So no grease marks) can make the cake a little slippery on the board so may wanna use dowels into the board.
I follow Peggy's process. Although I use a kitchen aid mixer works every time!
Look into the Cake Boss software. It's helped me alot with charging for right price for my cakes and especially with figuring cost. I was severly underestimating my cost and let cakes go for almost no profit! It's great software for the at home baker!
I use images all the time an get them from icing images. The only time they dry out is when exposed to air. I've printed images and stored them in Ziplock bags for a week or 2, pulled them out and pulled the image off with ease, still pliable. Maybe you didn't push the air out of the bag when you closed it up or had a hole letting air get in?
I know there is an edible glaze out there you can spray your cakes with to get a shine but I've heard of a more popular option spraying the cake with cooking spray and the shine will last 3-5 hours. I've not personally done either, I've lightly steamed my fondant covered cakes to shine them up but that doesn't last long.
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