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thanks, I'm going to give it one more try with your suggestion before I scrap it!
I have kopykake sheets and tasty foto art cartridges, using the canon ip3600. Same thing when I was using kopykake/kopykake. Images are always hazy looking, never photo quality. They're not too bad on rice paper... but yuck, I wanna use frosting sheets.
what's the trick to getting realistic images? Everything I print has a green cast to it and is far from photo quality. Even my black looks green (Canon ip3600). UGH
Hi all,I,m in the process of downsizing the cake portion of my little business and am currently not accepting orders. I have a couple of regular clients that have upcoming events and need a new decorator. I don't have anyone to refer them to. If your in the Jacksonville area and have room on your calendar May & June... please let me know if you're interested.Thanks!
ah, my apologies, you're right!
She just posted a tutorial on her site showing how she got that same ruffle effect on the side of the cake.
I use their Red Red instead. I used to use Super Red but I like the bright red look of Red Red. It doesn't take much and I can't taste it
things like that, the 'rules of the game' I'm sure will come when the Dept of Ag finishes their portion. The bill is done, but there's still the last piece we're waiting for from them as far as all the fine details that affect us...
We still don't know all the 'rules' Dept of Ag will likely still mandate for those who want to operate under this bill. There's got to be more coming than just the money limit and internet sales. I'm permitted and licensed through the end of the year and will make a decision at that time whether to renew or join the home crews! Either way, this is great news for us all and none of us could thank you, and everyone who worked so hard to get this done, enough. Barbara, thank...
sooooo excited! This is going to save me over $700/yer in permits and such as well as kitchen rental. C'mon Gov. Scott!
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