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Thank you so much for your input.
I have 3- 2 tiered cakes and 36 cuppies due this weekend...I have the cakes already baked and chillin in the freezer. What I want to know is how far in advance can I start icing the cakes so I am not waiting till the last min. ones due the 1st,3rd and 4th. Thanks in advance
My fondant is a bit tacky/wet on my there a fast way of drying the moisture as I need to airbrush it soon?
Thats how I make mine. its so easy.
I have made one with choc. ganache as the filling~just poured it between the layers then covered it with the rest of the ganache.I used my ganache right after it was done so it wasnt really thick and it didnt over power the cake. I had posted pics of it on here but since I didnt do any fancy decoration other than covering it in ganache they removed the pic. I had many many people comment on the cake.
TY indydebi .....gonna try to bake a dark choc and a strawberry cake in it Sunday
Pyrex is known for their glass dishes exploding and sending glass shards everywhere! I stopped baking with them and only use pyrex containers to serve cool food in..sorry this happened to you. you are very lucky to not have been hurt!
TY so much!!!! I knew it had to be alot...cause of the size of it. TY so much
I inherited alot of cake pans from my is the wiltons large loaf pan its 16x4x4 1/2. I have looked on the wilton web site and have found only the description.I need this info asap as I need to bake it this weekend. TY for your help.
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