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Here's some pics I took at the demo today!
Just got home from the demo, it was AWESOME! He made a few sculptured buttercream characters, and he makes it look so easy! I took some pictures, ill be posting them soon. They said the challenge would be airing sometime in July or August, and some of the footage from today will be in the show. Look for me in the front row! Im the only one not in a chef jacket! (It was for the culinary arts class at the college, but I was Rolands guest!) They had me sign a release and...
Yeah Im sure he has helped thousands to become better cake artists. I have only been doing it for about 5 months, so I have a lot to learn! BCJean, Ill pass the message along, Im sure he'll be glad to hear it!
I made some purple sanding sugar recently...Just used airbrush colors, a little at a time, stirring. It worked just fine, didnt really even have to dry.
Oh I wont! He and his wife Marsha are super nice, and I think they want to put on demos and stuff at our bakery!
If any of you dont know who he is, check this out! just so happens he lives here in Redding, CA, and came by my bakery to meet me, gave me a few of his books, and a sneak peek at the Sesame Street themed cake they did for the Food Network Challenge to air in June. This guy is a worldwide cake master! I am stoked! Im going to a demo he is doing tomorrow, and Food Network will be there getting additional footage for the tv special!! Ill...
I just try to have a lot of pictures of different angles, or if possible a small model....Just try to block off the basic shape, and carve away with a serrated knife!
This was one of the first cakes I ever did, but it came out decent. Its all buttercream and sculpted cake, and the seat lid is a cardboard round cut into shape and covered in buttercream. It didnt take much to keep it standing, just a few dowels in the tank part, and bamboo rods in the lid. Good luck with your john!
I am making a Jack Daniels cake for a wedding show this weekend...Never made one before, but that's not stopping me! So far ive stacked squares cut from a sheet cake, and then I carved the corners to get the diagonal look. I am planning on making the bottleneck from rice krispie treats...Hope it works! Ill post the pics when im done....
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