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I ended up buying a cheapo steamer for 20 bucks and it is worth the money. I have found, tho, that spraying straight water through an airbrush if you have one can create a nice shine...
Check out my pics to see the one I did for my girlfriend's little brother! It was a freebie, but I probably woulve charged about $250 if it was for a customer. I havent seen many others that are standing up! To make it worse, I had to deliver it on a 10 mile bumpy dirt road!
...a little paranoid...but nonetheless, i see your point. Ive had great luck with thick straws, bought a box of 1000 for 10 bucks, and will probably last forever! easy to cut and very strong!
I recently used fondant in a competition that is made by Carma called Massa Ticino. While it is realllly expensive, it is freaking awesome! Apparently all the pros use it, and I found out why. It never dries out, no elephant skin ever! And it is resistant to moisture, like in the fridge. Ive been trying to replicate it, but there is a mysteriously vague ingredient on the bucket that im unsure of (forgot what it called it!)....Ive been experimenting with my own fondant...
I had to 30 dozen sugar cookies with edible images a while back, and they were fine with royal icing. I didnt thin it down as much as I usually do though, for fear it would sink in!
I used to use cocoa powder, but it never achieved the taste or color i wanted. Now I mix in about 50/50 buttercream and ready to use fudge icing (we keep buckets of it in the bakery), and it is delicious!!
I, too, am afraid to give out too much info, but it looks like we're cool to say if we are in it or not. Me and my girlfriend got to be assistants for Roland Winbeckler. He is awesome, and the challenge was awesome. Ours is the season finale, episode 8, to be aired Oct 19th. That is sooo long to wait! Anyone seen any advertisements on TLC for it yet? I dont have cable/satellite, so im curious!
It wasn't Satin Ice, it was actually homemade with the Wilton recipe, which I have had good luck with for the most part. I stay away from Satin Ice because it always gets elephant skin!! I never refrigerate my cakes with fondant on them because it warps and melts the fondant. Is that correct?
Yeah i think I get what you're sayin...That wouldve been tough on this one because of the small width and the tall height! Totally will use that technique next time though... Thanks!
Yeah i hear ya on that. The thing is, it sat in the crumb coat stage in the fridge for 2 days!!
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