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Looks like amateurs only.....Bummer! They must be lookin for some drama.... hehee
I've heard that sometimes if a little corn starch is trapped in the it will chemically react and create an air bubble... Not sure why it's recurring tho! Anything you could stick in front of it? A flower or something? Maybe squirting some lemon extract in there would melt it just enough to adhere....hope you get it fixed!
I was thinking that too, but where would you find a circle of glass or acrylic? Maybe a jar lid?
It does look like that one was 2 heart pans together, but to be honest I would start with a sheet cake and 2 rounds and cut it down, that way you can shape it how you want. Cut one side off to desired curvaceousness, then use the cut-off piece as a template for the other side...or just eyeball it! HTH
Its different for everyone, but the standard is to charge by the serving, and determine your per serving price by your overhead costs and labor time. I start mine at $3.00 per serving and go up, and my small town is kinda on the cheap side, or else I would charge more. I think $3 - 5 is far for a good quality wedding cake. Go less if you are new to it, or if it is suuuper simple.
Im no sugar expert by any means, but i can tell you that it may not work as you think. To get that thick of a piece of sugar to be perfectly clear will be rough... I would try to bail out of that idea asap and talk them into just the letter monograms, or ordering the glass one!
Hi there! I get mine from Lorann Oils, as I usually order vanilla bean paste every couple months, and its awesome! The glycerine from them isnt TOO pricey.... Heres a link!   I have also seen it in a local healthy food store (hippie food store) in gallon jugs!   Hope that helps!
Thanks! Lots of good stuff in there!
Ive made a few bass head cakes... I usually use white chocolate ganache, because I have it all the time, and it sets up quick in the fridge. After chilling, I rub it down to smooth it, add some here and there, and re-chill. Sometimes ill use modeling chocolate, then, to add details under the skin, like gills, lips, etc., then wrap it all in fondant, emboss the necessary texture with my dresden tool, then airbrush the color on.   You can use royal, but its a pain. You...
Buttercream! :) Makes it not as sturdy, but is fast and looks great! Sometimes ill use a flat piece of fondant, scratch some lines into it and cover the main areas, and then form little snakes to add curls and bangs and give it motion.
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