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Just curious... Why are you decorating them 4 days ahead of time? I'm sure they'll be okay, but why take the chance? I take on 10 to 12 cake orders each weekend and I still don't start crumb coating until Friday for sat/sun orders....yikes!
Fondarific is gnarly stretchy...and pretty delish! Bought some at the last ICES and wished I had bought more....
Every time I cover a dummy in plastic wrap, I get some inevitable wrinkles that show through in the fondant. Try just a coating of shortening on the dummy to fill in cracks, and wrap it. I just broke down a year old dummy with that method and the fondant broke right off in big chunks, super easy.
Hahaha that's hilarious!!! Definitely real ganja....I would guess on a toilet paper roll covered in something... A stoner could never ice a cake that straight!
Cool tip indeed but.... If I did that with every piping bag I filled I wouldn't get half the work done! I usually have a pile of 30 or 40 bags/cones at the end of a weekend!
Sounds like the cake itself may be to blame... Is it a dense or light textured cake? Also, is it a really slippery filling?
A large part of my business is based on the fact that I can smooth buttercream down to look like fondant. Most fondant designs can be achieved in buttercream, and if not you have to be able to tell the customer that honestly. The one downside to buttercream is that it's more fragile and touchy, and my pickup customers don't seem to understand that....haha!
The main advice I would give is that it's all about presentation. We have a nice tray with little dishes for each filling, and I made a chart that shows flavors. Our customers love it, and I think that combined with our awesome service and portfolio really gets the job done. I rarely do a tasting that doesn't book, and they usually comment on how nice the presentation looked...
I only recently even considered copyrights because I always considered an artistic rendition to be covered by some sort of constitutional right! :) I have posted hundreds of licensed cakes on my website and facebook for years and have never been contacted or warned about it... Maybe if you were super high profile and had lots of net worth, but not us small-timers!
The few times ive made plane wings I usually just use cardboard cake boards and cut to shape and spackled with royal icing, then thinly fondanted. Not the best for edibility, but they'll hold up great! You could use pastillage if you want it all edible, as the ingredients to make it are cheap and it dries hard and lightweight.
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